Western Alberta Transmission Line

The Western Alberta HVDC Transmission Line project, sponsored by AltaLink, is a 215-mile, 500-kV transmission line that originates at Genesee, Alberta and terminates at Langdon, Alberta. The project includes the addition of two DC/AC converter stations.  The project runs 220 km alongside highway 2 on an existing corridor, with the entire project running about 350km in length.   In October, 2011, the Alberta Utilities commission officially put the project on hold until a deeper study of the Critical Transmission Infrastructure projects was undertaken. In February 2012, a panel commissioned by Premier Alison Redford concluded that the line was needed to support the growth of the southern part of the province.  The delay in the Regulatory process resulted in a delay to the original construction schedule. Construction started fourth quarter 2013 and will be energized in late spring or early summer 2015 at a cost of approximately $1.7bn CAD.  Work on the transmission line was complete in January 2015.

Project Sponsor Line Miles Voltage (kV) From State To State Year in Service
AltaLink Management Ltd. 215 500 AB AB 2015
Estimated Costs ($M) Voltage Type Project Status Project Group Origin Point Destination Point
1650 Operating CTI Genesee Langdon
Interstate Build Start NERC ISO/RTO Country Project Partners