Pioneer Project

The project is jointly owned by Pioneer Transmission, LLC a joint venture of AEP and Duke Energy. As a MVP (multi-value project) in MISO, the project is expected to reduce congestion, mitigate thermal voltage issues, and add capacity for renewable and other energy in MISO. The total project involves a 290-mile 765 kV transmission line which would extend from Duke Energy’s Greentown substation and terminate at AEP’s Rockport substation near Evansville, IN. The first segment of the project, approximately 70 miles, reaches from the Greentown substation to the Reynolds station and is co-owned by Pioneer Transmission and Norhtern Indiana Public Servce Company. The remaining 220 miles will be strictly owned by Pioneer Transmission LLC.

Project Sponsor Line Miles Voltage (kV) From State To State Year in Service
Duke Energy Corporation 290 765 IN IN 2020
Estimated Costs ($M) Voltage Type Project Status Project Group Origin Point Destination Point
1100 Under Construction Greentown Rockport
Interstate Build Start NERC ISO/RTO Country Project Partners
2016 RFC MISO US Duke Energy (50%), American Electric Power (50%)