Pawnee to Daniels Park

The Pawnee to Daniels Park project is an approximately 31 mile, 345-kV transmission line that will cost $178m. The project originates at the Smoky Hill substation near Aurora, CO, and terminates at its Daniels Park Substation south of the Denver metro area. The proposed project is expected to accommodate about 300-500 MW of resources, interconnecting at or near the Pawnee Substation. The project was scheduled for completion in 2022, but has been moved up to October 31, 2019.

Project Sponsor Line Miles Voltage (kV) From State To State Year in Service
Xcel Energy Inc. 125 345 CO CO 2019
Estimated Costs ($M) Voltage Type Project Status Project Group Origin Point Destination Point
178 Under Construction Pawnee Daniels Park
Interstate Build Start NERC ISO/RTO Country Project Partners