Minnesota-Iowa 345 KV Transmission Project

The Minnesota-Iowa 345 kV project, sponsored by ITC Midwest, is a planned 100 mile transmission line that will originate in Jackson County, Minnesota, to a new ITC Midwest substation near Winnebago, before continuing south to connect to a new substation in Kossuth County, Iowa. Approximately 75 miles of the project will be located in Minnesota and 25 miles in Iowa. The project is needed to enhance regional reliablity, increase transmission capacity for new generation and to reduce line congestion. On March 22, 2013, ITC Midwest submitted a Certificate of Need in which they announced the final estimate cost for the project would be between $271m to $283m. Along with the cost, ITC also announced the project would begin construction in November 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2017.

Project Sponsor Line Miles Voltage (kV) From State To State Year in Service
ITC Midwest 100 345 MN IA 2017
Estimated Costs ($M) Voltage Type Project Status Project Group Origin Point Destination Point
283 Operating MVP Project 3 Lakefield Junction Kossuth
Interstate Build Start NERC ISO/RTO Country Project Partners