Abingdon and Washington County Area Improvements Project

Appalachian Power plans to address the need for a stronger and more reliable transmission grid in southwest Virginia by upgrading the electric infrastructure. The proposed Abingdon and Washington County Area Improvements Project involves two components: the South Abingdon Extension and the Washing County Improvement. The South Abingdon Extension includes approximately 4 miles of new transmission line and a new substation near Vances Mill Road. The Washington County Improvements portion will involve a new line from the Vances Mill Road to an existing Arrowhead substation. The estimated budget for this portion of the project is $10 million.

Project Sponsor Line Miles Voltage (kV) From State To State Year in Service
Appalachian Power Co. 11 138 VA VA 2018
Estimated Costs ($M) Voltage Type Project Status Project Group Origin Point Destination Point
50 Planned Abingdon Arrowhead
Interstate Build Start NERC ISO/RTO Country Project Partners