Hydro One completes approximately $85 million investment at Hawthorne Transmission Station to enable economic and residential growth in Ottawa

Ottawa, ON (July 26, 2021) – /CNW/ – Today, Hydro One announced the completion of critical upgrades to its Hawthorne Transmission Station (TS), first commissioned more than 60 years ago. By replacing aging infrastructure and energizing five new transformers at the station, these upgrades will help drive economic growth by increasing the amount of available power and improving reliability to the region.

Hydro One also plans to upgrade high-voltage power lines between the Hawthorne and Merivale TS. These upgrades will further enhance power resiliency and support growth for customers in the Ottawa area. Strengthening Hydro One’s high-voltage system will keep Ontario competitive by attracting future business and residential growth.

“We have a responsibility to energize life by investing in a robust power system in our nation’s capital to attract new businesses, create jobs and spark community growth,” said Jason Fitzsimmons, Chief Corporate Affairs and Customer Care Officer, Hydro One. “These upgrades will strengthen the province’s high-voltage transmission network and build a smarter, more sustainable and reliable electricity system. By making smart investments in our infrastructure today, we can help keep Ontario competitive and reignite our economy.”

Throughout the pandemic, Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa collaborated to complete upgrades at Hawthorne TS to limit service disruptions to customers, especially as many Ottawa residents continue to work and study from home.

“Collaborating with our colleagues at Hydro One ultimately allows us to better prepare for the future and serve our customers,” said Bryce Conrad, President and CEO, Hydro Ottawa. “The Hawthorne station and upcoming transmission line upgrade are critical to support our work and our city as we continue to experience substantial growth and extreme weather events. Together, by preparing and modernizing the grid, we can ensure businesses, residents and communities can continue to thrive in Ottawa with access to safe, clean and reliable electricity.”

“Today’s announcement is good news for Ottawa,” said Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa. “By working with Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One, we will be able to ensure the region can continue to grow and welcome residents and businesses for years to come and we thank both providers for working together to keep Ottawa energized during the pandemic.”

“Hydro One and Hydro Ottawa have done a great job in completing this project, especially in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “Reliable power is essential to our economic recovery and growth as a province. This cost-effective upgrade will help ensure the system is secure, reliable and affordable for residents and businesses in the Ottawa area for years to come.”

“This project’s completion is great news for Ottawa and all of its residents and businesses,” said Hon. Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries and Nepean MPP. “As the National Capital Region begins to welcome back visitors from across the province and country, upgraded infrastructure is critical to ensure that we remain a strong gateway city and premier destination to live, work, play and visit.”

Construction on upgrades to the transmission lines between Hawthorne and Merivale TS in the south end of Ottawa is expected to begin early next year. Hydro One plans to continue hosting community engagements later this year to share information with residents and answer any questions.

More information about the investments Hydro One is making in communities across Ontario can be found at: www.hydroone.com/EnergizingOntario.

Source: Hydro One

Photo Credit: ID 10050310 © Ginasanders | Dreamstime.com