Statement from Joseph Kessler, EVP and Chief Operating Officer, New York Power Authority

(Dec. 28, 2020) — As of Sunday, Dec. 27, New York Power Authority (NYPA) transmission control center operators in the Mohawk Valley have begun sequestering in place, meaning essential staff will work their shifts onsite and then stay at the facility for a number of weeks. This precautionary measure, being implemented out of an abundance of caution, is in line with NYPA’s COVID19 Countermeasures protocol. It is being implemented in order to ensure the continued reliability and resiliency of NYPA’s operations and to maintain NYPA’s critical generation and transmission functions in support of the New York State electricity grid.

Sequestration has been triggered due to the percentage of essential staff that are currently in quarantine due to COVID19 exposure, illness or other related Covid leave. This is one of the key triggers in NYPA’s Countermeasure protocol. Sequestration may also be triggered based on facility absentee rates, Covid-related absentee rates for skilled craft personnel, or broader positivity rates at the county or regional level.

NYPA continues to monitor all of its facilities and work sites statewide and will follow its COVID19 Countermeasures protocol, in line with the New York State Department of Health guidelines, to ensure continuity of essential power generation and transmission operations.

Source: NYPA




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