Massachusetts siting board to vote this month on Eversource substation project change

Individuals looking to provide comments on the matter during the meeting on Dec. 16 and Dec. 17, need to notify the board by Dec. 14, the board said

The Massachusetts Energy Facilities Siting Board said that it will hold a virtual meeting on Dec. 16 and Dec. 17 to listen to comments and vote on its February tentative decision that recommended approval of a project change that NSTAR Electric d/b/a Eversource Energy submitted to the board in November 2018 in connection with the Mystic-East Eagle-Chelsea Reliability Project.

The board noted that it previously approved the project in a December 2017 final decision, with the project including two new 115-kV, underground electric transmission lines in Everett, Chelsea, and East Boston in Massachusetts, as well as a new 115/14-kV substation in East Boston.

As approved in the final decision, the board said, the substation would have been located on the eastern side of a larger parcel of land owned by the City of Boston in the Eagle Hill neighborhood of East Boston.

The project change would relocate the proposed substation about 190 feet, from the east side of the city parcel — referred to as the “original site” at 338 East Eagle Street — to the northwest corner of the city parcel, adjacent to Condor Street — referred to as the new substation site at 0 Condor Street. The board added that the two 115-kV lines would connect to the substation at the new substation site and would no longer be routed under Condor and East Eagle streets.

As noted in the tentative decision, the proposed substation on the new site would contain the same components as were proposed for the original site. However, the board added, given that an existing duct bank crossing under Chelsea Creek is located directly beneath the new site after making landfall, the new lines would be able to connect directly into the substation instead of being routed beneath East Eagle Street and Condor Street to the original site.

The board noted that the new site is located only 190 feet west of the original site and remains within the boundaries of the city parcel. As with the substation at the original site, the board said that it finds that the land use impacts of the relocation of the substation to the new site would be minimized.

In its recent notice about the virtual meeting, the board said that attendees may participate at this link,, or, for audio-only, may dial 1-646-558-8656, and enter Meeting ID 925 3314 1983.

Individuals looking to provide comments during the meeting need to notify the board by Dec. 14. The board also said that written comments regarding the tentative decision may be submitted through Dec. 3.




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