New York regulators to hold virtual public statement hearings on RTP Enhancement

According to RG&E, the project is needed for the company to continue to ensure reliable service to customers in its Western Division

The New York State Public Service Commission on Sept. 8 said that it will hold two virtual public statement hearings on Sept. 15 to receive public comments on Rochester Gas and Electric’s (RG&E) request for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need under Public Service Law Article VII for authority to build the Rochester Transmission Project (RTP) Enhancement.

As TransmissionHub reported, according to RG&E’s application, the company seeks an amendment to the Article VII certificate of environmental compatibility and public need issued in December 2004 that authorized it to build, operate, and maintain the RTP, which was comprised of about 32 miles of new or rebuilt 115-kV transmission lines and equipment upgrades at several existing substations in Wayne County, as well as a new 5.7-mile, 115-kV transmission line and substation and equipment upgrades in Monroe County. As part of the RTP, an existing 115-kV line — Existing Line 916 — was rebuilt on single-circuit structures, while Station 48 in the City of Rochester, Monroe County, underwent equipment upgrades and additions, the company said.

RG&E said that it now proposes to build the RTP Enhancement project, which includes the construction of a new 115-kV line, to be designated as Line 949, a total distance of about 6.7 miles, from Station 418 in the Town of Gates to Station 48 in the City of Rochester, as well as the expansions of Stations 48 and 418 to accommodate Proposed Line 949.

The company said that it is requesting amendment of the certificate because the project includes the reconstruction of a portion of Existing Line 916 and expansion of Station 48, both of which were modified as part of the RTP under the certificate.

RG&E noted that the project is needed for the company to continue to ensure reliable service to customers in its Western Division. Specifically, the company said, building a transmission line to connect Station 48 and Station 418 would allow for the radial condition of Station 418 to be mitigated, reinforce the bulk power supply, allow for the voltage to remain within normal operating range, and ensure reliable service under the N-1 and N-1-1 contingency loss of other New York bulk electric system elements.

Further describing the RTP Enhancement, the company said that the project would include:

  • Construction, operation, and maintenance of an approximately 0.3-mile section of Proposed Line 949 on double-circuit structures with Existing Line 916, and the remaining approximately 6.4 miles of Proposed Line 949
  • Expansions of Stations 48 and 418
  • Reconstruction of segments of three existing transmission lines — Existing Lines 910, 916, and 926
  • Reconstruction of segments of three existing distribution lines — Existing Lines 359, 705, and 730
  • Installation of stormwater management features
  • Establishment of one or more temporary laydown/staging areas and marshaling yards
  • Construction or improvement of supporting access roads

Discussing the project location, RG&E said that Proposed Line 949 would begin in the Town of Gates at Station 418 and continue southeast along the Existing Line 910 right of way (ROW) for about 1.1 miles.

The line would continue parallel to Existing Line 910 for about 0.1 miles, and at the Existing Line 940 riser, the line would continue for about 0.1 miles. RG&E added that near the Interstate 490 (I-490) overpass, the line would transition northeast and follow Existing Line 730 and Existing Line 705 parallel to the CSX ROW for about 2.6 miles.

Proposed Line 949 would extend from there north and east, away from the CSX ROW, for about 0.5 miles, following Existing Lines 705, 916, and 926. RG&E also said that Proposed Line 949 would then travel north/northeast following Existing Line 926, adjacent to the R&S ROW, following Existing Line 916 for about 0.4 miles until its terminus at Station 48 in the City of Rochester.

The commission, in its Sept. 8 statement, said that the virtual public informational forums and public statement hearings will be held before Administrative Law Judge Gregg Sayre of the state Department of Public Service. A public statement hearing will immediately follow each public informational forum, which will be held at 1 p.m., and 6 p.m., at

Any person wishing to provide a public statement on the record at a hearing must pre-register to do so by 5 p.m., on Sept. 11. The commission added that individuals may also comment online, as well as by mail or telephone.




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