MISO announces 2020 Generation Interconnection Queue application results

Carmel, Ind. (Aug. 3, 2020) — TheMidcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) announced the largest amount of annual requests in new generation in the company’s history with the results of the 2020 Generation Interconnection Queue (GIQ) application process.

This year, MISO Interconnection Customers submitted 353 applications representing approximately 52 GW of new generation across the MISO footprint – 36 GW (or 69 percent) of which is solar. The requests exceed the previous all-time high of 47 GW in 2007 and, most recently, 44 GW in 2019.

“The trends represented among the 2020 GIQ applicants indicate robust interest in development of new interconnection projects that will adequately support future resource needs,” said Andrew Witmeier, director – resource utilization at MISO. “The MISO resource fleet continues to experience a shift from predominately conventional generation to renewable technologies as a result of customer preference, regulatory policy and economic drivers.”

MISO successfully launched a new application tool for the GIQ process in May of this year and worked with member companies for more than a month to ensure that all applications were submitted successfully by the June 25, 2020, deadline. There was also a thorough, month-long review process to correct any deficiencies in submittals. Overall, member companies reported a positive experience with the new tool.

“It is evident that the industry is responding to industry trends with a holistic approach in order to promote the most cost-effective transmission investments and to serve the needs of diverse stakeholder interests,” said Witmeier. “This approach also produces more predictable outcomes for both resource planning and long-term transmission planning.”

The MISO queue now consists of 756 projects totaling 113 GW – 64 percent of which is solar. MISO is currently managing 13 ongoing queue cycles with another cycle set to start within the next year.

Source: MISO




Photo Credit: ID 10050310 © Ginasanders | Dreamstime.com