LS Power investing in Idaho with Magic Valley wind project

Twin Falls, ID (March 20, 2020) – Leading energy company LS Power is planning a significant investment in the Magic Valley with the development of Idaho’s largest wind farm, providing an opportunity for Magic Valley communities to harness wind energy as a major Idaho export, resulting in significant job opportunities and tens of millions of dollars in local economic impact.

Magic Valley Energy, LLC (MVE), an affiliate of LS Power, is planning the construction and operation of the Lava Ridge Wind Project in Southern Idaho. MVE recently filed an application with the Bureau of Land Management for authorization to install the project on federal lands located in parts of Jerome, Lincoln and Minidoka Counties. The application details MVE’s proposal for the wind energy generating project and ancillary facilities.

The project is uniquely situated at the confluence of a number of key characteristics including favorable wind resources, advances in wind turbine technology, quantity and suitability of available land, and availability of existing and future planned high voltage transmission in the area to deliver the wind energy to market.  The project will contribute to satisfying the growing need for zero carbon electricity throughout the West.

The project will bring hundreds of well-paid construction jobs, up to 20 permanent jobs, and create millions of dollars in local economic impact annually, including a large boost to local and state tax revenue.

“Wind power is a cost-competitive, clean energy resource,” noted Luke Papez, MVE project manager. “It is an efficient technology to produce energy in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner while also supporting significant increases in economic impact for this area. The long-term effects on jobs, tax revenues, and sustainability efforts will create a legacy for Idaho’s future that few other opportunities can provide.”

MVE is in the initial stages of the development of the project, a period that includes interactions with federal, state, and local agencies and broader outreach to local stakeholders.  Construction of the project could begin as early as 2022.  “We look forward to working with federal, state and local agencies and Magic Valley communities to make the Lava Ridge Wind Project a success,” said Papez.

Source: LS Power