NV Energy seeks regulatory approval of substation expansion project in Nevada

NV Energy said that it is proposing the project to provide reliable high voltage electric service to customers located in the Tracy vicinity and the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center

Sierra Pacific Power d/b/a NV Energy on May 3 filed with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada an application for a “permit to construct” to expand the 345-kV West Tracy substation and associated facilities in Storey County, Nev.

Specifically, NV Energy is requesting that the commission issue a Utility Environmental Protection Act (UEPA) permit to expand the substation to include a new 345/120-kV transformer; two 345-kV breakers; five 345-kV switches; three 345-kV capacitor voltage transformers; two 345-kV A-frame termination structures – about 95 feet in height to the top of the lightening arrestors; and the relocation of an existing 345-kV steel single-pole angle structure 130 feet in height, including 750 feet of overhead 345-kV transmission line.

NV Energy also said that it is proposing the project to provide reliable high voltage electric service to customers located in the Tracy vicinity and the Tahoe Reno Industrial Center (TRIC). The company noted that the project would mitigate transformer overloads on the existing East Tracy transformer, which result in NERC Transmission System Planning Performance Requirements Standard TPL-001-4 violations. That base operating condition is no longer adequate to accommodate forecast 2021 summer loads inclusive of the forecast Tracy area loads, NV Energy said, adding that the Tracy 3 generator must be dispatched in order to mitigate an overload – NERC Compliance TPL-001-4 violations – of the East Tracy transformer or #103 line under certain contingencies.

In order to maintain operational flexibility of generation dispatch and maintain system reliability, NV Energy is recommending that the new 345/120-kV West Tracy substation expansion be installed by May 2021 to avoid Tracy 3 generator must run designation.

The company also said that it must begin construction of the project by Nov. 1.

Noting that the project would be built on private land owned by NV Energy, where previous disturbance has occurred, the company said that the project would have no new environmental effects or impacts.

The proposed utility facility would encompass an additional six acres of land northwest of the existing West Tracy substation near the Tracy power plant in Storey County. The filing also noted that the purpose of the expansion is to re-terminate the 3429 West Tracy to Mira Loma line into a new terminal to facilitate the installation of a new 345/120-kV transformer, thereby mitigating potential transformer overloads on the existing East Tracy transformer.

Among other things, the filing noted that the proposed project is not expected to achieve interstate benefits as it would provide new high voltage electric service to the immediate area of the state.

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