Virginia regulators to hold hearing in July regarding Dominion’s undergrounding proposal

The Virginia State Corporation Commission, in a March 25 order, said that a public evidentiary hearing will be held on July 23 in its second floor courtroom in Richmond, Va., concerning Virginia Electric and Power’s (Dominion) proposal to convert portions of two lines from overhead to underground.

As noted in the order, Virginia Electric and Power (Dominion) on March 7 filed with the commission an application for approval to convert the overhead portion of the 230-kV Glebe-Ox Line #248 and 230-kV Glebe-North Alexandria Line #2023 between the Glebe substation in Arlington, Va., and the Potomac Yards North Terminal station in Alexandria, Va., to underground lines, as well as to tie the converted lines into the Glebe substation.

That conversion would include the removal and replacement of related underground lines comprising a total installation of about 2,100 feet of new underground cable from the existing manhole #110 to the new manhole #111 to the Glebe substation. The commission added that of the 2,100 feet of underground line that Dominion proposes to install, 1,100 feet would be installed using microtunneling and 1,000 feet would be installed using existing underground right of way (ROW). The company also proposes to remove 550 feet of underground cable and pipe from the Potomac Yards station to the new manhole #111 and to remove 1,000 feet of cable only from the new manhole #111 to the existing manhole #110. The commission added that the company also seeks to convert and rebuild the company’s existing Glebe substation to a gas insulated substation.

Dominion asserts that the proposed project is necessary to comply with the expiration of an existing special use permit that was issued by the City of Alexandria, Va., and is expected to expire on Jan. 1, 2021. The commission also noted that according to the company, the proposed project is necessary to permit the company’s remaining transmission facilities in the area to provide adequate service to existing customers located in the City of Alexandria and Arlington County, consistent with NERC reliability criteria.

Dominion further asserts that the proposed project would improve operational performance, maintain critical energy infrastructure needed to provide continued reliable electric service to facilities depended upon to provide critical services, as well as to maximize available land use to accommodate necessary transmission terminations.

The commission added that the proposed project would require new ROW across Four Mile Run.

Dominion anticipates an in-service date of May 2022 for the proposed project, subject to commission approval and outage scheduling. The commission also said that the company estimates the conceptual cost of the proposed project to be $122.8m, including about $59.3m for transmission-related work and about $63.5m for substation-related work (2019 dollars).

Each respondent in the matter may file with the commission clerk any testimony and exhibits by which the respondent expects to establish its case by June 4. The commission also said that its staff is to file its report on the matter by June 25. Any interested person may file written comments on the application with the commission clerk or via the commission’s website by July 16 (Case No. PUR-2019-00040).

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