PacifiCorp seeks extension to file 2019 IRP in Utah

Interested parties may submit comments by Feb. 27 on PacifiCorp’s request for an extension to file its 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), the Utah Public Service Commission said on Jan. 29.

Reply comments may be submitted by March 13, the commission said.

In its Jan. 28 filing, PacifiCorp said that it has been working on its 2019 IRP through a robust and transparent public input process with stakeholders that began in June 2018 with state-specific meetings followed by all-state public input meetings in July 2018.

PacifiCorp said that it is developing an economic analysis of its coal units that will inform the subsequent portfolio-development phase of the 2019 IRP, including an assessment of regional haze compliance alternatives and a broad range of sensitivity studies.

The company noted that in December 2018 it presented preliminary studies on its coal unit economic analysis at an IRP public input meeting, with that analysis identifying potential reliability challenges that must be resolved before the coal studies can be completed.

To enable PacifiCorp to complete the necessary analysis to develop a least-cost, least-risk preferred portfolio, while allowing sufficient time for stakeholder review and input, additional time is required in the preparation of its 2019 IRP, the company said.

PacifiCorp requested an extension of the filing of its 2019 IRP from April 1 to no later than Aug. 1. The company added that that extension would enable it to complete its economic analysis of coal units, while appropriately accounting for system reliability and necessary additional portfolio analysis.

Among other things, PacifiCorp said that it will continue its stakeholder input process with additional monthly public input meetings scheduled up to the extended filing date to ensure stakeholders are kept up to date regarding the company’s analysis and overall progress.

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