OPSB grants approval of 138-kV line to AEP Ohio Transco

The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB), in a Feb. 21 order, said that it adopts a stipulation between AEP Ohio Transmission Company (AEP Ohio Transco) and regulatory staff regarding the company’s Seaman-Sardinia 138-kV Transmission Line Project, and directs that a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the project be issued to AEP Ohio Transco.

As noted in the order, AEP Ohio Transco filed its application for a certificate in April 2018, stating that the proposed project involves construction of a new 138-kV electric transmission line to replace the existing Seaman-Sardinia 69-kV line. The project is intended to resolve existing reliability concerns that stem from the Sardinia substation currently being served by an aging, single, 11.9-mile, radial line, which will be retired upon construction of the double-circuit line.

The line will extend from the existing Sardinia substation to the existing Hillsboro-Maysville 138-kV electric transmission line, located in Brown, Ohio, the OPSB added.

The company’s preferred route is about 3.7 miles long, begins at the existing Sardinia substation, and runs southeast along Katterman Road for about 0.4 mile. The OPSB added that the preferred route then runs northeast for about 2.1 miles through largely agricultural land until it crosses over Shitepoke Road. After that, the preferred route continues northeast along the eastern edge of Shitepoke Road until it reaches Stivers Road. The OPSB added that the preferred route then runs southeast along the southern edge of Stivers Road for 0.7 mile, crossing over State Route 62 and terminating at the interconnecting point along the existing Hillsboro-Maysville line.

In the stipulation, the parties agree that the facility is to be installed on AEP Ohio Transco’s preferred route utilizing equipment, construction practices, and mitigation measures as presented in the application filed in April 2018, and further clarified by recommendations in a staff report, the OPSB said. The parties also agree that the certificate is to become invalid if the company has not commenced a continuous course of construction of the proposed facility within five years of the date of journalization of the certificate.

The OPSB said that it finds that as a package, the stipulation benefits the public interest by resolving the issues raised in the matter without resulting in litigation. The OPSB also said that it finds that the proposed facility is needed to improve and maintain the quality of service and reliability which AEP Ohio Transco has identified as a critical need to reinforce its transmission system to maintain and improve the quality and reliability of electric service in the area.

The OPSB said that it notes that selection of the preferred route benefits the public interest as it requires less tree clearing and creates fewer impacts to residential lands as compared to the preferred route.

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