Mississippi regulators approve Mississippi Power Company projects

The Mississippi Public Service Commission, in a Feb. 5 order authorized Mississippi Power Company (MPCo) to build, acquire, extend, operate, and maintain the BP Amoco-Moss Point East 115-kV transmission line project, Meridian 115-12.47-kV project, Camp Shelby service improvement project.

Each project is necessary to continue providing reliable service to customers and will serve the public interest, the commission said.

The BP Amoco-Moss Point East project will install additional transmission capacity on MPCo’s 115-kV transmission system serving the area along Highway 611 south of Highway 90 in Pascagoula. The commission added that the company currently faces several operations and maintenance issues in that area, and the unusual load profile around Pascagoula, Miss. – due to the heavy influence of industrial load, which diminishes the area’s load diversity – complicates the routine maintenance typically conducted during non-peak load times in other areas. In short, the additional capacity provided by this project is necessary for MPCo to relieve line overloads, as well as operate and maintain its transmission system in compliance with transmission operating standards set forth by NERC, the commission said.

In order to minimize the risk of load shed and to ensure reliability during necessary maintenance, the company is to build about two miles of 115-kV transmission line, a new 115-kV line terminal, and a 3-way 115-kV line switch. The cost to design and build that project is estimated to be about $7.9m, the commission added, noting that the BP Amoco-Moss Point East project is expected to be completed in 2020.

Of the Meridian project, the commission noted that it authorizes MPCo to build a new substation equipped with transformation capacity and configured to provide 12.47-kV service to new and existing customers in and around Meridian, Miss. The purpose of that project is not only to provide capacity for serving additional electric load in the Meridian area, but also to reduce the loading on the company’s Meridian NE substation, as well as to provide continency to the Meridian NE substation and the distribution system that it serves, the commission said.

The cost to design and build that project is estimated to be about $5.2m, and the project is expected to be completed this year.

Discussing the South Hattiesburg Area and Camp Shelby Service Improvement Project, the commission said that with the construction of little more than one mile of new transmission line, MPCo will be able to provide more reliable network service in the south Hattiesburg area. That project was identified in response to the 2017 Hattiesburg tornado event and will provide important backup service to Camp Shelby and several substations nearby, the commission said.

MPCo estimated that it will cost about $2.2m to design and build that project, the commission said, adding that construction is expected to be completed by August 2020.

No interested persons intervened in the case and no objection to the projects were submitted with the commission or staff, the commission said, noting that staff conducted its investigation and recommends approval of all three projects as proposed by the company.

The projects will alleviate transmission line loadings, provide contingency to nearby substations, ensure compliance with NERC requirements, improve voltage profiles in surrounding areas, and increase MPCo’s operational and maintenance flexibility, the commission said.

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