ITC Midwest: All project facilities related to 345-kV project in service

All project facilities related to the Minnesota-Iowa 345-kV Transmission Line Project are now in service, ITC Midwest told the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on Dec. 12.

The Huntley substation and the Huntley to Faribault 345/161-kV line – the northern portion of Segment 4 (Huntley-Iowa Border) – are fully restored as of Nov. 5.

Restoration activities for portions of Segment 3 (Rutland-Huntley) and the Faribault to Iowa border portion of Segment 4 will not be completed until next year, ITC Midwest said, adding that inspections have been completed for this year due to the frozen ground and snow cover.

Environmental monitoring and inspections necessary for compliance with the project’s environmental permits continue as required, the company said.

Construction on Segment 1 (Lakefield-Fox Lake) of the project was completed in August 2017:

  • The 161-kV portion of that segment was energized in September 2016
  • The 69-kV portion was energized in October 2016
  • The 345-kV portion was energized in May
  • The Lakefield substation expansion was also energized in May

The company added that construction on Segment 2 (Fox Lake-Rutland) of the project was completed in May:

  • The 161-kV portion of that segment was energized in February 2017
  • The 69-kV portion was released by ITC and available to GRE for energization in March 2017
  • The 345-kV portion was energized in May

Completion of the construction on Segment 3 of the project is pending, the company said, adding that the 161-kV portion of the segment was energized on May 10, while the 345-kV portion was energized on May 18.

Among other things, the company also said that completion of the construction on Segment 4 of the project is pending. The Huntley-Faribault 161-kV portion of the segment was energized in August 2017; the Faribault-Iowa Border 161-kV portion was energized in August; and the Huntley-Iowa Border 345-kV portion was energized in September, the company said.

As noted on the company’s website, the project includes a 345-kV line between the Lakefield Junction substation east of Lakefield in Jackson County and the proposed Huntley substation south of Winnebago in Faribault County in Minnesota, and connecting to substations in northern Iowa. The project also includes extensions and relocations of certain 161-kV facilities in Faribault County.

The website added that the commission in November 2014 granted ITC Midwest a certificate of need and issued ITC Midwest a route permit for the project. The route permit identified the route – referred to as Modified Route A – that the commission felt was most appropriate for the project based on the analysis completed by the Department of Commerce, Energy Environmental Review & Analysis in the environmental impact statement for the project, the website noted.

Among other things, the website noted that ITC Midwest started construction of the project in November 2015, working generally from west to east and then south to Iowa.

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