Dominion seeks approval of substation, transmission line project in Virginia

Virginia Electric and Power (Dominion Energy Virginia) on Dec. 4 filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission an application for approval and certification of electrical facilities concerning the company’s proposed Fork Union Substation and Related Line Cut-In Project.

The company noted that it proposes to:

  • Build the new Fork Union substation in Fluvanna County, Va., located 1.5 miles from the Bremo Power Station entirely on property owned by the company
  • Cut-in Lines #5, #91, and #2028 into the proposed Fork Union substation, which entails, collectively, a total increase of 0.2 mile of transmission line and a net addition of 10 structures among the three lines

The company said that it has an immediate need to undertake the project to resolve potential NERC violations related to the deactivation and cold storage of the Bremo power station. Bremo Power Station Units 3 and 4 are natural gas steam-cycle units located in Bremo Bluff, Va., which began commercial operations in the 1950s, the company said.

Dominion Generation in April placed Bremo Power Station Units 3 and 4 – together, 227 MW, into cold reserve. The deactivation and cold storage of Bremo Power Station Units 3 and 4 causes low voltage violations for Lines #4, #5, #39, and #91.

The company also noted that the proposed project would address potential NERC violations by providing a long-term solution with the introduction of a new 115-kV network source to serve the Gordonsville Load Area, thereby enabling the company to maintain the overall long-term reliability of its transmission system.

Since the company owned property and the existing transmission corridor where Lines #5, #91, and #2028 are located are adequate to build the proposed project, no new right of way (ROW) is necessary. The company also said that given the availability of existing company owned property and the statutory preference to use existing ROWs, and because additional costs and environmental impacts would be associated with the acquisition and construction of new ROW, it did not consider any alternate locations for the substation or routes requiring new ROW for the project.

The project’s estimated conceptual cost is about $27.2m, which includes $5.4m for transmission-related work and $21.8m for substation-related work (2018 dollars).

The company added that the desired in-service date for the proposed project is Nov. 30, 2019, and that it estimates that it would take about nine months to complete construction after a final order is issued by the commission. Accordingly, the company said, to support that estimated construction timeline and plan, it requests a final order by March 1, 2019.

Among other things, the company noted that the PJM Interconnection board approved the project in July as baseline project b2989. The project presently is 100% cost allocated to the Dom Zone, the company said.

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