ATSI seeks approval in Ohio for proposed 138-kV line

FirstEnergy’s (NYSE:FE) American Transmission Systems, Incorporated (ATSI) on Dec. 19 filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) an application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need for the proposed Wood County 138-kV Reinforcement Project.

Route alternatives under consideration traverse Middleton, Center, and Plain townships, as well as a portion of the City of Bowling Green. The company added that the new line would connect the Lemoyne-Midway 138-kV Transmission Line to the Brim substation. The proposed project would eliminate the existing 3-terminal line configuration and create two new transmission lines – the Brim-Lemoyne 138-kV Transmission Line and the Brim-Midway 138-kV Transmission Line circuits.

The company also said that as the proposed project is the installation of a second 138-kV source for the Brim substation, FirstEnergy is seeking approval for a new 138-kV transmission line route that is physically and functionally separate from the existing 138-kV source to provide greater reliability and operational flexibility for the local transmission and sub-transmission system.

The purpose of the proposed project is to improve reliability of the transmission and sub-transmission systems in the Bowling Green and surrounding area, to strengthen the transmission system under numerous planning contingencies, and to improve overall efficiency and flexibility in the operation of the transmission system in Wood County, Ohio, ATSI said.

Currently, electric transmission service in the project area is provided by one 138-kV transmission line that extends south from the Lemoyne-Midway line to the Brim substation. Should a fault occur anywhere along the Lemoyne-Midway line or the existing 138-kV transmission line tap, it would cause voltage problems for Bowling Green and the surrounding area, the company added. The proposed project is the least impactful option to resolve voltage drops, increased service demand, and provide for future system capacity, ATSI said.

The proposed project would be located in north central Wood County, and it begins at the existing Lemoyne-Midway line, which trends east/west at the northern extent of the project area. ATSI added that the proposed line would extend generally south and terminate at the Brim substation, located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Bishop Road and Brim Road. The project, as proposed, is a single-circuit transmission line supported on wood poles requiring a 60-foot-wide permanent right of way (ROW). The preferred route is about 6.1 miles long, the company added.

Construction of the project is anticipated to begin in February 2020, with an anticipated in-service date of June 2020, ATSI said.

Among other things, the filing noted that the estimated applicable intangible and capital costs for the preferred route total about $8.5m.

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