Update: PG&E continues response and restoration efforts in Butte County

San Francisco, Calif. (Nov. 14, 2018) — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) continues to respond to the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County.

PG&E’s Emergency Operations Center is open, with crews responding to the Camp Fire in coordination with local agencies and first responders and helping to clear roadways. There are approximately 900 workers already on-site, and the base camp will be able to support as many as 3,000 personnel depending on restoration and rebuilding timelines.

On Monday, PG&E CEO and President Geisha Williams was in the area to assess the damage first hand and receive an update from company leaders and crews.

"Right now, our primary focus is on the communities and supporting first responders as they work to contain the fire. We’re getting our crews positioned and ready to respond when we get access, so that we can safely restore gas and electricity to our customers," Williams said.

Since Monday, PG&E crews were able to restore electric power to approximately 2,200 customers who could receive service. At present, approximately 23,000 electric customers and 12,000 gas customers are without service.

In many cases, immediate restoration may not be possible. In those instances, PG&E is looking at a longer term rebuild of the system wherever and whenever customers rebuild their homes, and supporting our communities as they recover and rebuild.

PG&E will provide additional updates on its response and restoration efforts as conditions change.

Source: PG&E