New York regulators to hold public statement hearings on proposed Galloo Island line

The New York State Public Service Commission on Oct. 9 said that it will hold public statement hearings in the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, and the City of Oswego, Oswego County, to receive comments on Galloo Island Wind, LLC’s proposal to build a 33-mile transmission line.

The proposed project would consist of a substation on Galloo Island in Hounsfield and a 138-kV alternating current, underground/underwater electric transmission cable to a proposed new substation on Mitchell Street in the City of Oswego, the commission said.

The cable and related electric facilities would connect the proposed Galloo Island Wind project to the state electric grid, the commission noted, adding that the wind project is proposed to include 30 wind turbines and related facilities on Galloo Island. The wind project is currently subject to review in a separate proceeding before the Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment under Article 10 of the Public Service Law (Case 15-F-0327), the commission said.

Opportunity for public comment will be held on Oct. 16 at the Hounsfield Town Hall in Watertown, N.Y., and on Oct. 17 at the Oswego City Hall in Oswego, the commission said.

Individuals may also submit comments about the case to the commission via internet, mail, or phone, the commission said, adding that comments are requested by Nov. 16.

As TransmissionHub reported, in its application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need that was filed in January with the commission, the company said that the proposed generation and transmission facilities would help the state achieve the broad goals of, for instance, the 2015 State Energy Plan, which contains a series of policy objectives to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify the state’s energy portfolio, while stabilizing energy costs and encouraging economic development and innovation.

According to the filing, the company anticipates beginning construction of the Galloo Island Wind Energy Facility and related transmission facility in 2019, with construction of the transmission facility expected to last about nine months.

Among other things, the filing noted that the proposed transmission facility is being developed on a merchant basis, with no cost recovery from captive utility ratepayers.

The cable price is estimated at $600,000 per mile, the company said, adding that installation costs do not lend themselves to unit pricing as there is a large portion of fixed cost in the delivery, mobilization, and horizontal directional bores at the landing sites. Lump sum costs to deliver and install cable is estimated at $25m, the company said.

The collection substation cost is about $5m, and the POI substation cost is about $5m, the company said, adding that system interconnection costs, including the switchyard, tap line, and associated utility owned hardware, have been estimated by the New York ISO at $7m.

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