Kentucky Power files application in Kentucky seeking approval of 138-kV project

Kentucky Power, in an application filed on June 27 with the Kentucky Public Service Commission, requested a certificate of public convenience and necessity authorizing the company to build the approximately 2.7-mile EastPark 138-kV Transmission Line (Phase 1); to build the new Moore Hollow 138-kV substation; and to upgrade certain facilities and equipment at the company’s existing Chadwick 138-kV substation, all in Boyd County, Ky.

The project would provide electric transmission service to the EastPark Industrial Center, including Braidy Industries Inc.’s planned aluminum mill – peak load of about 60 MW – while improving distribution service to the general area, according to the company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP).

The project is required to provide 138-kV service to the industrial center, the company said, adding that publicly available information indicates that Braidy Industries plans to build a 2.5 million square foot, fully integrated aluminum rolling mill in the industrial center.

Discussing the project, the company noted that it seeks authority to build the single-circuit (three phase) transmission line, beginning at a point on the company’s existing Chadwick-Kentucky Electric Steel 138-kV circuit near the I-64/U.S. 60 exit and the Kentucky Electric Steel plant.

The line then proceeds generally in a northwesterly direction about 2.7 miles to the location of the company’s proposed Moore Hollow substation, which would be located near 297 South Commerce Drive in the EastPark Industrial Center.

The route of the proposed line was developed using 11 study segments, the company added, noting that from its tap point at the Chadwick-Kentucky Electric Steel circuit, the route of the proposed line proceeds on Segment 1 for about 0.2 miles to the northwest across U.S. 60 and the 1-64 interchange ramps.

The route next proceeds first west and then north for 0.9 miles utilizing Segment 3 to avoid residential development and the Boyd County Fairgrounds to the east and the FastPitch Sports Complex to the west, the company said; that segment crosses Addington Road.

The line then continues north and then northwest on Segment 5 for 0.6 miles, crossing Straight Creek Road and avoiding residential development to the southwest, the company noted. From there, the line proceeds for 0.8 miles to the northwest on Segment 7, crossing Buena Vista Drive, and then turns to the west for 0.2 miles on Segments 7 and 9 to enter the proposed Moore Hollow Substation, the company said.

The centerline and 100-foot right of way – 50 feet on each side of the centerline – cross 13 parcels owned by 11 distinct landowners, the company said.

Kentucky Power noted that while structure types would be determined during final engineering, based on preliminary engineering, the company anticipates using a total of 14 138-kV, single-circuit, galvanized steel structures: three custom monopoles; six H-frame structures; and five lattice towers. The average above-ground height of the proposed structures would be about 90 feet.

Of the Moore Hollow substation, the company said that its proposed location is one of four possible substation sites that the company examined. The substation would be located behind a currently empty commercial building, Kentucky Power said, adding that the location was determined to be the optimal site with regard to location, visibility, topography, and access.

Of the Chadwick substation, the company said that improvements consist of replacing an existing relay panel with an upgraded version, which would provide required protection and controls associated with the project. That substation is located near Alley Branch Road, Catlettsburg, Ky., in Boyd County.

The company said that the total functional estimate of the project cost is about $22.4m, consisting of about $8.4m for transmission line work, including ROW acquisition; about $13.6m for construction of the Moore Hollow substation; and $0.4m for remote work at the Chadwick substation.

Kentucky Power said that it expects to complete ROW acquisition by 4Q18.

The company noted that it retained the services of GAI Consultants, Inc., to develop and evaluate alternative transmission line routes for the proposed line (Phase 1). Kentucky Power said that “Alternative D” was selected as the proposed route, noting that that alternative is the shortest one, thereby reducing the potential for impacts.

Among other things, the company said that it anticipates beginning work, subject to the grant of the requested authority, in 1Q19, and that the anticipated in-service date for the project is June 2020.

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