Circuit reliability upgrades to begin in Kings Point, Great Neck

Uniondale, N.Y. (June 22, 2018) – PSEG Long Island is beginning another circuit reliability project in the Town of North Hempstead, specifically in the villages of Kings Point and Great Neck, to improve the reliability of the energy grid in the area.

Beginning in June and lasting approximately six months, PSEG Long Island licensed and approved contractors will work on this route, replacing existing electrical wires, installing new and more durable poles, installing or replacing switching equipment, and transferring main line wires underground in select rear properties to enhance reliability. These infrastructure upgrades will help reduce the number of customers affected by an outage.

“PSEG Long Island works hard every day to ensure customers have the most reliable and resilient electric service possible,” said John O’Connell, PSEG Long Island Vice President of Transmission and Distribution Operations. “Undertaking this FEMA-funded project in North Hempstead means even more Long Islanders will be served by equipment that can withstand extreme weather and provide the exceptional service our customers deserve.”

The route covers approximately 1.5 miles along an electric main line circuit. Crews will work on the following streets:

  • Harbour Road between East Shore Road (eastern intersection) and 19 Harbour Road
  • Rear Property between 19 Harbour Road and 7 Harbour Road
  • Rear Property between 526 East Shore Road and 530 East Shore Road
  • East Shore Road between 530 East Shore Road and Ravine Road

Crews will move the main line wires underground along the following streets:

  • Spring Lane between Rogers Road and Henhawk Road
  • Henhawk Road between Spring Lane and Remsen Road
  • Remsen Road between Henhawk Road and East Shore Road
  • East Shore Road from Remsen Road to 429 East Shore Road

For more project details, visit PSEG Long Island’s FEMA project page at, select Town of North Hempstead and then scroll to see Route Four.

This project is funded through the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program, which was established to harden electrical distribution infrastructure against future storm damage and help restore power more quickly. In 2014, more than $729 million of federal recovery funds were secured for the Long Island Power Authority via an agreement between Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the FEMA 406 Mitigation Program.

Source: PSEG Long Island