Wisconsin Power and Light: Riverside Energy Center Expansion project 29.5% complete as of March 31


Wisconsin Power and Light, in its April 30 progress report filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin regarding the company’s approximately 650-MW natural gas-fueled power plant at its Riverside Energy Center Facility in the Town of Beloit, Rock County, Wis., said that as of March 31, the project was 29.5% complete.

The progress report covers the period from the end of 4Q17 through the end of 1Q18.

The company also noted that the estimated cost of the approved project is $700m, excluding transmission and AFUDC. The project is forecast to be completed within that approved cost, the company said, adding that the project cost-to-date is about $379.5m.

As noted in the commission’s May 2016 final decision on the matter, the project, known as the Riverside Energy Center Expansion (RECE) project, includes construction of the natural gas-fired, combined-cycle electric generation facility, and a 2-MW solar energy facility. The project, which is located near the site of the existing Riverside Energy Center in Beloit, also requires an expansion of the existing high-capacity collector well, modifications to the on-site natural gas supply system, and the construction of a short 138-kV or 345-kV transmission line to connect the Riverside plant to the transmission grid, the commission said in its order.

Among other things, the commission also noted that Wisconsin Power and Light’s stated purpose for the project is to meet the energy and capacity needs of the company and customers in a cost-effective and reliable manner; provide efficient and flexible operation; and lower energy market prices.

In its April 30 filing, the company said that the forecast in-service date for the RECE is still scheduled for late 2019/early 2020.

AECOM from Princeton, N.J., continues performing work scope pertaining to the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contract as required to support the schedule, Wisconsin Power and Light said.

Coordination with American Transmission Company (ATC) continues for the development and installation of the 345-kV switching station and transmission line, Wisconsin Power and Light said, adding that schedules have been developed and exchanged. Currently, the ATC schedule indicates a timely in-service date for its scope of work, which supports the Riverside Expansion in-service date. Wisconsin Power and Light also said that on-site construction of the Kittyhawk substation will begin in 2Q18.

Engineering also continues on the 138-kV to 6.9-kV reserve auxiliary feed, the company said, noting that construction is expected to start and finish in 3Q18, with the circuit expected to be energized in 4Q18.

All of the federal, state, and local permits required to start construction have been applied for and received, the company said, adding that other permits applied for and received this quarter include foundation, structural steel, and building permits from the State of Wisconsin, Department of Safety and Professional Services.

The total engineering effort is proceeding effectively on schedule at 90.7% complete.

The company also said that General Electric is the supplier for combustion and steam turbines, and that major combustion turbine and steam turbine components were received onsite in February, and have been unloaded from the rail cars. The combustion turbines and associated generators were set on their respective foundations in March, the company said, adding that assembly of that equipment is underway, including lubricating oil piping and the transition ducts that mate the combustion turbine exhaust to the inlet of the heat recovery steam generators. The steam turbine and associated generator sole plates are being installed and prepared for setting on the elevated foundation during the second quarter, the company said.

Nooter/Eriksen is the supplier for heat recovery steam generators, the company said, noting that engineering and production is complete. The major heat transfer components are installed and being welded to the headers and steam drums, the company said.

Among other things, Wisconsin Power and Light said that overall construction is 24.4% complete; underground carbon steel and high density polyethylene pipe fabrication and installation has continued, with about 90% complete; and installation of underground electrical duct bank is 100% complete.

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