Golden Spread Electric Cooperative seeks Texas regulatory approval for conversion of 69-kV line to public use

Golden Spread Electric Cooperative on April 16 filed with the Public Utility Commission of Texas an application to amend a certificate of convenience and necessity for the conversion of the Colorado River Municipal Water District’s (CRMWD) Private 69-kV Transmission Line to public use in Concho County, Texas.

Golden Spread said that it and its member, Coleman County Electric Cooperative (Coleman Electric), received a request from Enterprise Products Partners L.P., to provide transmission voltage (69 kV) retail electric service to Enterprise’s new pipeline pumping station (the Millersview pump station), which will be located in Coleman Electric’s singly certificated retail service area in Concho County.

Coleman Electric asked that Golden Spread supply wholesale power to Coleman Electric at a delivery point near a substation being built by Enterprise for its Millersview pump station, Golden Spread said, noting that CRMWD owns and operates a 12.6-mile, private 69-kV transmission line that serves CRMWD’s O.H. Ivie Reservoir water pumping facilities, (the existing line), located about 0.85 miles away from the Enterprise project site.

Golden Spread said that in this proceeding, it seeks to amend its CCN to add the existing line and convert it to public use, so that Golden Spread may operate the line as a public utility facility in ERCOT.

Enterprise is building the Midland to Sealy (M2S) segment of its larger Midland to ECHO crude oil pipeline system for the transportation of crude oil and condensate from the prolific Midland basin to markets along the Texas Gulf Coast, Golden Spread said.

Enterprise determined the best location for a pipeline pump station for the M2S segment, also known as the Millersview pump station, is off FM 1929 (Ray Stoker Jr. Hwy) near CRMWD’s Lake Ivie pumping facilities, Golden Spread said. At the Millersview pump station, Enterprise has built a substation designed to convert 69-kV power to a lower operating voltage, Golden Spread said, adding that Enterprise will own and operate that substation.

Golden Spread said that after negotiations, it entered into a contingent contract to purchase the private 69-kV transmission line owned by CRMWD for $3.5m, including transmission assets, easements, and land rights. Golden Spread noted that it is not seeking authority from the commission for that purchase, as the commission does not have jurisdiction over Golden Spread’s purchase of the private line.

Coleman Electric requested, and Golden Spread intends to set, a new wholesale delivery point at or near the substation being built by Enterprise to serve the Millersview pump station, Golden Spread said.

Coleman Electric plans to take wholesale power from Golden Spread at the new delivery point and resell the power to Enterprise for its facilities at the Millersview pump station, Golden Electric said, adding that it plans to provide wholesale power to Coleman Electric over the existing line so that Coleman Electric can supply retail power to CRMWD at its O.H. Ivie Reservoir water pumping facilities.

Golden Spread said that it does not seek an amendment of its CCN to extend transmission facilities from the existing line about 0.85 miles to a wholesale delivery point at or near the Enterprise substation. The new 69-kV extension can be built without a CCN amendment because the line extension meets the requirements for routine activities associated with transmission facilities that are conducted by transmission service providers, Golden Spread said.

Among other things, Golden Spread said that it seeks expedited consideration of the application, noting that Enterprise requested service by Jan. 1, 2018, a date which has already passed. The Millersview pump station began initial operations last November, and could be fully operational by May 1, subject to adequate electrical service, Golden Spread said, adding that providing service to Enterprise is urgent. Golden Spread said that it requests that the commission issue a final order in the case by no later than six months after filing.

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