Eversource: In-service date for Woburn substation project delayed until around May 2019

Eversource Energy (NYSE:ES) on Dec. 8 told the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) that while the company had originally estimated that the Woburn substation project would be completed and in service by the end of 2017, based upon the company’s actual progress made to date and anticipated resulting schedule adjustments, the company has determined that the in-service date for the project will instead be in or around May 2019.

As noted in the filing, the DPU in March 2016 issued a final decision approving the petition of NSTAR Electric d/b/a Eversource for individual and comprehensive zoning exemptions from the City of Woburn Zoning Ordinances in connection with the company’s proposal to perform the following work at the company’s existing Substation #211 in Woburn:

  • Replacement of an existing 345/115-kV autotransformer with a new higher-capacity 345/115-kV autotransformer, and installation of a 115-kV gas-insulated bus to connect the replacement autotransformer
  • Installation of a second 345-kV gas-insulated circuit breaker in series with existing circuit breaker 104
  • Installation of a double-breaker module, replacing one existing 345-kV air-insulated circuit breaker
  • Addition of gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) with three 345-kV gas-insulated breakers and two underground gas-insulated bus sections, creating two new connecting positions for 345-kV lines or equipment
  • Reconnection of Line 338 to one of the two new connecting positions via a new section of gas-insulated line
  • Reconnection of Line 346 to a new switching position
  • Installation of a new control center for 345-kV equipment in a vacant room in the existing building at the substation

The company said, “The primary reason for the updated in-service date is that the company has experienced delays in material deliveries that have, in turn, created consequent delays in the overall construction schedule.”

The delayed in-service date will result in a longer construction period than originally proposed, but the company anticipates continued outreach with abutters and the city will be able to resolve any concerns that may be raised, the company said.

The scope and method of the work to be completed is not changing, the company said, adding that it has been actively conducting outreach and addressing any concerns or questions raised by abutters and the city during construction at the substation.

The company said that to date, it has not received any construction-related complaints.

“Lastly, all work will continue to be performed consistent with the best management practices that are currently in place at Woburn Substation, as well as in compliance with the terms of the Department’s final order,” the company said.

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