ATC files draft application information for 345-kV project in Wisconsin

American Transmission Company (ATC) on Dec. 14 filed with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin draft application information regarding the Mount Pleasant Tech Interconnection Project (MPTIP) located in southeastern Wisconsin.

ATC said that it anticipates filing the complete application in February 2018.

As part of the project, ATC said that it would build the new Mount Pleasant substation in the village of Mount Pleasant in Racine County, and would interconnect to Foxconn’s new substation (known as PSS).

New 345-kV transmission lines would run east for about 1.3 miles from the new Mount Pleasant substation to Line PLPL101 in the village of Mount Pleasant. ATC added that new conductor would be strung on the vacant east side of existing Line PLPL101 beginning at the Racine substation in the city of Racine and extending about 12 miles south to the Pleasant Prairie switchyard in the village of Pleasant Prairie.

The Bain to Pleasant Prairie line (Line PLPL91) would be rerouted in the village of Pleasant Prairie. ATC also said that one structure would be modified/replaced as part of the uprate of the Racine to Elm Road Line (Line L-ERG91) in the village of Caledonia and two structures would be modified/replaced as part of the uprate of Line L-ERG91 in the city of Racine.

The project area was developed to meet the system configuration requirements of connecting the new Mount Pleasant substation to the existing 345-kV Line PLPL101 between the Pleasant Prairie switchyard and the Racine substation, ATC said.

The company noted that it identified potential route corridors between established end points meeting certain routing priorities. Potential routes were refined using additional criteria, to the extent practical, the company said, adding that those criteria include the location of the end-use customer, Foxconn, and its proximity to an interconnection to ATC’s transmission system, as well as the ability to minimize impacts to environmental and natural resource features, such as wetlands, waterways, and woodlands.

ATC said that it also consulted with regulatory agencies, including the commission and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. ATC noted that it held consultation meetings with the commission during the pre-filing stage of the project, beginning this year, during which common segments were discussed.

Among other things, ATC said that the project has several common segments in order to most efficiently utilize existing corridors and minimize impacts to the environment and neighboring communities, the company said. For instance, “Segment 2” would utilize the vacant east side of Line PLPL101, an existing double-circuit 345-kV line between the Racine substation and the Pleasant Prairie switchyard, in order to maximize the use of existing utility corridors, the company said.

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