Local public hearing to be held on Feb. 22 in Virginia on 500-kV rebuild

A local public hearing will be held on Feb. 22 in Verona, Va., to receive testimony from public witnesses on Virginia Electric and Power’s (Dominion Energy Virginia) application for approval and for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the proposed transmission line rebuild of the 500-kV Dooms-Valley Line #549, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) said in a Nov. 17 order.

As noted in the order, the company filed the application with the SCC in September.

According to the application, the company proposes to rebuild, entirely within existing right of way (ROW), about 17.7 miles of the existing Dooms-Valley Line #549 in Augusta County, located between the company’s existing Dooms substation and Valley substation.

Specifically, the SCC added, the company proposes to remove the 500-kV existing single circuit weathering steel lattice towers supporting Line #549 between the Dooms substation and Valley substation and replace them with new double circuit galvanized steel lattice towers supporting the 500-kV line with capability for a 230-kV underbuild to support future load growth; as well as to remove and replace existing 2-2049.5 bundled AAAC conductors of Line #549 with three triple-bundled 1351.5 ACSR phase conductors.

The existing structures range between 77 feet and 150 feet in height, the SCC said, noting that the proposed structures would range between 100 feet and 174 feet in height.

The company said in its application that the rebuild project is necessary for the company to maintain the structural integrity and reliability of its transmission system; to maintain reliable electric service to its customers in the area; and to perform needed maintenance on its existing facilities.

The proposed in-service date for the rebuild project – which would cost about $62m – is June 1, 2020, the SCC added.

SCC staff is to file with the SCC clerk testimony and exhibits by March 13, 2018, the SCC said.

The company is to file by March 27, 2018, any rebuttal testimony and exhibits that it expects to offer, the SCC said.

Also, any interested person may file written comments on the application with the SCC clerk by April 5, 2018, the SCC said.

A public evidentiary hearing on the application will be held on April 12, 2018, in the SCC’s courtroom in Richmond, Va., to receive the testimony of public witnesses and the evidence of the company, any respondents, and SCC staff, the SCC said.

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