GridEx IV focuses on recovery from cyber, physical security events

Washington, D.C. (Nov. 15, 2017) – Coordinating during and recovering from a wide-scale cyber and physical attack is the focus of NERC’s fourth grid security exercise, GridEx, which began today. More than 6,000 stakeholders from across North America are taking part in the exercise, which is designed for utilities to exercise their response and recovery to cyber and physical security threats in a simulated environment.

This voluntary exercise, which began in 2011 and takes place every two years, allows utilities, government partners and other critical infrastructure participants to engage with local and regional first responders; exercise cross-sector impacts; improve unity of messages and communication; identify lessons learned; and engage senior leadership.

The large-scale cyber and physical attack scenario is designed to overwhelm even the most prepared organizations. NERC used input from participants to develop observations and propose recommendations to help industry enhance the security, reliability and resilience of North America’s bulk power system. One of the best indicators of the success of GridEx is the steady increase in engagement by industry and government officials.

Source: NERC