Texas draft preliminary order notes decision on 138-kV line must be issued by July 2018

The Commission Advising and Docket Management Division of the Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas on Oct. 5 filed a draft preliminary order with the PUC regarding a proposed 138-kV transmission line in Hunt County, Texas.

As noted in the draft preliminary order – which will be considered at an Oct. 11 PUC open meeting – the City of Garland filed an application with the PUC to amend the city’s certificate of convenience and necessity (CCN) for the line in July, and in September, the PUC referred the docket (Docket No. 47379) to the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH).

The proposed single-circuit, 138-kV Dent Road to Shelby transmission line project would be built with steel or concrete single-pole structures that could support a double-circuit line. The draft preliminary order further noted that the total estimated cost for the project ranges from about $6m to about $9.2m.

The proposed project was presented with 17 alternate routes that range from about 4.2 miles to about eight miles long as a single circuit. The draft preliminary order added that any route presented in the application could be approved by the PUC.

The PUC must render a decision approving or denying an application for a certificate within a year of the date of filing a complete application for such certificate; therefore, the PUC must issue a decision on the project by July 23, 2018.

The draft preliminary order also noted that the PUC identifies certain issues that must be addressed in the docket, including:

  • Does the application contain an adequate number of reasonably differentiated alternative routes to conduct a proper evaluation?
  • Are the proposed facilities necessary for the service, accommodation, convenience, or safety of the public, taking into account certain factors?
  • Are there alternative routes or facilities configurations that would have a less negative impact on landowners?

The draft preliminary order noted that the list of issues is not intended to be exhaustive, and that the parties and administrative law judge (ALJ) are free to raise and address any issues relevant in the docket that they deem necessary, subject to any limitations imposed by the ALJ or by the PUC in future orders issued in the docket.

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