Powerful storms versus the power grid, Part I

Following the devastation that Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria left in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, among other areas, TransmissionHub reached out to various entities, including NERC, the Edison Electric Institute, PJM Interconnection, the Midcontinent ISO, and the Southwest Power Pool to discuss main takeaways from the recent storms, as well as what can be done to prepare the power grid going forward.



Ontario 2017 LTEP: IESO demand outlook indicates no need for major transmission system expansion beyond current projects

The Ontario Ministry of Energy on Oct. 26 released the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan, which noted that the Ontario Independent Electricity System Operator’s demand outlook indicates that there will be no need for any major expansion of the province’s transmission system beyond the projects already planned or under development.



Texas regulators: SPS does not possess exclusive right to build, operate transmission facilities within its service area

The order addresses a petition for a declaratory order that was jointly filed by Southwestern Public Service (SPS) and the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), in which SPS and SPP requested that Texas state regulators determine whether SPS has the exclusive right to build and operate new, regionally funded transmission facilities in areas of Texas that lie within SPS’ certificated service area.