Minnkota Power Cooperative to build, rebuild five substations by end of 2017

Minnkota Power Cooperative, in a statement dated Sept. 5, said that by the end of this year, it plans to have built or rebuilt five substations in its northwest Minnesota service area.

The projects aim to improve reliability and support load growth in areas served by the Minnkota member cooperatives and the associated municipals, Minnkota said.

The Lake Park substation will tap into an existing 230-kV transmission line and help improve service in the areas surrounding the towns of Lake Park and Hawley, Minnkota said, adding that the project will reduce:

  • Outage times for planned maintenance and emergency repairs
  • Blink outages, which as noted in a separate Sept. 5 statement, are “those 1-3 second losses of power caused by a lightning strike or other power line contact”
  • Loading on its existing infrastructure, which is nearing its maximum capacity

Minnkota – which, according to its website, is a not-for-profit electric generation and transmission cooperative headquartered in Grand Forks, N.D., that operates and maintains more than 3,340 miles of transmission line and 249 substations – also said that the Woodside substation is needed to support load growth in the lakes area surrounding the towns of Mentor and Erskine.

The Sand Hill substation was nearing the end of its useful life and in need of major improvements, Minnkota said, noting that the rebuild of that substation includes a 69-kV line sectionalizing circuit breaker and associated protection equipment to improve power quality for areas surrounding the town of Fosston.

Of the Moranville substation, Minnkota said that two aging transformers will be replaced due to maintenance and reliability concerns. A new 93 MVA top-rating transformer with a load tap changer will be installed, Minnkota said, adding that the project also includes installing one new 230-kV circuit breaker.

Lastly, Minnkota said that construction of the Laporte substation and about 9.5 miles of 115-kV transmission line is primarily needed to support a large industrial load.

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