SWEPCO seeks approval in Louisiana for 138/69-kV substation, lines

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) on Aug. 18 filed with the Louisiana Public Service Commission an application for certification that the public convenience and necessity will be served through the authorization for siting and construction of a new 138/69-kV substation and transmission lines.

SWEPCO said that it seeks commission approval for siting, construction, and operation of certain electrical transmission facilities connecting to the new Leaside Way substation (referred to as the transmission project) to be located about six miles north of Keithville, La., with the facilities to be owned by SWEPCO, in accordance with an October 2013 general order.

The transmission project would include the construction of three new 138-kV transmission lines – Leaside Way to Southwest Shreveport; Leaside Way to Stonewall; and Leaside Way to Western Electric – as well as building the 138/69-kV autotransformer substation (Leaside Way).

The company also said that the location of the common connection point for the Southwest Shreveport-Stonewall-Western Electric 138-kV line is the preferred location of the 138/69-kV Leaside Way substation. By building Leaside Way, the need for the Southwest Shreveport-Stonewall Western Electric 138-kV three terminal transmission line, as well as the Midway-Summer Grove-South Shreveport 69-kV three terminal line is eliminated, the company said.

The transmission project, which is located off Highway 171 in Southwest Caddo Parish, La., near the Summer Grove substation, is needed to continue to provide reliable service to SWEPCO customers in the southwest Caddo Parish area, the company said. The project would reduce time delays and voltage drops during faults that impair service to customers, the company said, noting that there are about 26,653 SWEPCO customers representing about 200 MW of load that would benefit from mitigation of voltage reduction.

Industrial customers with tightly controlled processes, such as the Calumet Refinery in southwest Shreveport, would also benefit from the transmission project, the company said.

The transmission project has other benefits for customers and ratepayers as well, as it reduces the need to rebuild the 9.6-mile Karnack to Baldwin to Woodlawn 69-kV and the 7.5-mile North Marshall to Woodlawn 69-kV transmission lines, SWEPCO said.

The total estimated cost for the Leaside Way substation is about $24.7m, the company said.

As noted in the application, SWEPCO is an operating company and subsidiary of American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP).

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