New York PSC will not require investigation of proposed refurbishment project

The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), in an Aug. 1 letter to National Grid, told the company that it will not require an investigation of the proposed Rotterdam-New Scotland #19 Transmission Line Conductor Clearance Refurbishment Project.

The work proposed to the T5690 Rotterdam-New Scotland #19 115-kV Transmission Line overhead electric transmission facility, located in the Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County, and the Town of New Scotland, Albany County, in New York has been reviewed, the PSC said.

As TransmissionHub reported, Niagara Mohawk Power d/b/a National Grid, in a June 2 Part 102 Report filed with the PSC, said that the approximately 17-mile line runs from the Rotterdam substation in the Town of Rotterdam, Schenectady County, to the New Scotland substation in the Town of New Scotland, Albany County.

The line traverses the towns of Rotterdam, Princetown, Guilderland, and New Scotland, as well as the Village of Voorheesville, the company added. The line, along with the T5390 Meco-Rotterdam #10 115-kV Line, is supported by double circuit steel towers from the Rotterdam substation to Structure 326. The company also said that the line is supported by single circuit, wood, H-frame structures from Structure 326 to Structure 5; by double circuit steel towers with the T5620 Rotterdam-Altamont #17 115-kV Line from Structure 5 to Structure 69; and double circuit steel towers with the T5040 Altamont-New Scotland #20 115-kV Line from Structure 69 to Structure 135.

The line is then supported by single circuit wood pole structures from Structure 135 to the New Scotland substation, the company said, noting that there are two taps: one located off of a structure that runs 235 feet southwest to the Burdeck substation, and another located off of structure 111, which runs 175 feet to the Voorheesville substation.

As part of the project, National Grid said that it proposes the replacement of two existing structures, the installation of four floating dead ends, and the installation of two new intermediate structures. The proposed structure replacements and new intermediate structure installations for the project will consist of single and double wood pole davit arm structures, the company said.

The refurbishment project is a maintenance project that is necessary to provide system reliability to the electric utility end users, as well as provide for public safety in areas where structure replacement or other methods are used to mitigate substandard clearances and maintain thermal ratings, the company said.

The Rotterdam-New Scotland #19 Line – which was built circa 1922 – traverses through various land cover types, including agricultural areas, forested areas, residential areas, and fallow land, the company said, adding that the project area similarly traverses through agricultural areas, forested areas, residential areas, and fallow land. The line crosses State Route 146 along with multiple lower traffic roads, the company said.

Among other things, the company said that project construction, if approved, is proposed to begin in September, and that the target date for project completion is November.

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