Nevada regulators reject notice filed by GridLiance West Transco regarding proposed 230-kV project

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on Aug. 2 told GridLiance West Transco LLC (GWT) that it must reject a notice filed by the company regarding a proposed 230-kV project because the notice failed to satisfy a legal requirement.

GWT on July 31 filed with the commission, under the Utility Environmental Protection Act (UEPA), a notice of an application to a federal agency for authorization to build a 230-kV transmission line and ancillary facilities.

The commission said that, as discussed, the notice is missing information that is required under the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC), Chapter 703, including NAC 703.421, and added that NAC 703.421(2) requires that the notice reflect the date on which GWT filed its application with the appropriate federal agency. The notice generally states that the application will be filed in August, rather than provide a specific date, as required, the commission noted.

In its notice, GWT said that the project – to be located in the Eldorado Valley within Boulder City, Clark County, Nev., on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – would consist of the line, of up to 4.5 miles in length, and associated facilities, including a water pipeline and access road, which would connect a newly built switchyard – Bob Switch – with the Eldorado substation through a BLM-administered transmission corridor.

An environmental review of the project will be conducted under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), GWT said, adding that no later than 30 days after the issuance of the final environmental document, GWT will file a UEPA application with the commission under Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 704.870(2)(b). Upon submission of the application, GWT will seek approval from the commission for a permit to construct (PTC) the project, GWT said.
According to an “Application for Energy Projects ‘Fund for the Recovery of Costs’” filed with the Nevada Department of Wildlife, construction is estimated to begin in 4Q17, and it would take an estimated 18 months to complete construction.

Regarding the “date on which the application was filed with the appropriate federal agency,” GWT said in its notice that it “is anticipated that the SF 299 for the project will be filed by GWT in August 2017.”

A company spokesperson on Aug. 7 told TransmissionHub that the commission’s Aug. 2 document to the company is a result of a change in interpretation by the commission and is in no way a reflection of the project itself. The commission wants the company to file the UEPA application at the same time that it files the SF 299 application, she said.

“We are complying with the procedure and we’re working on the documentation,” she said. “We’re very excited about this project and all the benefits it will bring to the region. We are on task with everything.”

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