Entergy Mississippi invests $95 million to strengthen and modernize energy grid

Jackson, Mississippi (April 27, 2017) – Last year, Entergy Mississippi spent $66.5 million on projects designed to make your energy service even safer and more reliable. This year, the company is upping its game with a $95-million investment in upgrades and new technology.

These improvements will harden the system against storms and outages, and make it more resistant to physical threats and cyber-attacks.

“A strong, reliable power grid is critical to our safety and way of life,” said Robbin Jeter, Entergy Mississippi vice president of customer service. “Over the next few years, we’ll take steps to strengthen all parts of our grid to help reduce power outages.”

Entergy will focus on these projects in its service area:

  • increased tree-trimming and other vegetation management efforts,
  • new distribution and transmission lines to deliver energy to growing industries and communities,
  • replace wooden poles with stronger composite material,
  • change from copper to aluminum conductors and
  • Improve our ability to provide customers with power from different directions by adding capacity to circuits.

“A strong, modern energy grid not only improves reliability, it helps create jobs and growth,” said Jeter. “With our rates well below the national average and among the lowest in the state, it’s an excellent time to invest in these projects.”

Source: Entergy