ATC anticipates construction on Balsam substation in Wisconsin to begin in July

American Transmission Company (ATC) on April 27 told the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin that it expects the receipt of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources water resources permit for the Spring Valley-N. Lake Geneva Project in 2Q17.

As TransmissionHub reported, the commission has approved the project, which consists of a new 23-mile, 138-kV line, new substation and short 69-kV line in southeast Wisconsin.

The commission approved Proposed Route 1, the blue route, for the project, which is a 23-mile transmission line from the existing North Lake Geneva substation in southern Walworth County to the existing Spring Valley substation in western Kenosha County.

The project includes a new substation, the Balsam substation, to be located on the north side of County Highway 50 in Wheatland, Wis., along with a 4-mile 69-kV line that will connect the Balsam substation to the existing Twin Lakes substation in Twin Lakes, Wis., according to ATC.

The project is needed because the transmission system in the area is vulnerable to low voltages and power outages, and will no longer adequately support the distribution system, according to ATC; it will also provide system redundancy and allow for maintenance outages when repairs are needed in the area.

According to the company’s April 27 quarterly progress report for the period Jan. 1 through March 31, the project is in design, and construction has not started.

ATC said that the start of construction is anticipated as such:

  • Substation construction start – Balsam substation in July; Spring Valley substation in April 2018; North Lake Geneva substation in February 2018; Bain substation in October 2018
  • Transmission line construction start – X104 North Lake Geneva SS to Balsam SS in August 2018; Y102 Balsam SS to Katzenberg SS in October 2018; X105 Balsam SS to Spring Valley SS in January 2019; and 63141 Bain SS to Spring Valley SS in August 2019

The company also noted that wetland mitigation payments and affidavits for the project were completed in February, and that cultural resource surveys where ATC has landowner permissions will continue in 2Q17, with a report of the survey findings to be submitted once the surveys are complete.

The project’s anticipated in-service date is December 2019, ATC said, adding that gross project expenditures as of March 31 were about $7.3m (10.33%) of the authorized total of $70.6m.

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