Virginia SCC authorizes Dominion Virginia Power to rebuild 500-kV line

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), in a March 24 final order, said Virginia Electric and Power d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power is authorized to rebuild the 500-kV Carson-Rogers Road Line, as proposed in its application, subject to certain conditions.

As noted in the order, the company proposes to rebuild, entirely within its existing right of way (ROW), about 27.5 miles of its existing 500-kV Carson-Rogers Road Line #585 in Dinwiddie, Sussex, and Greensville counties from Structure #3 outside of the Carson switching station to Structure #142 located at a point north of the junction of Line #585 and Line #570, about 0.9 mile northwest of the company’s approved Rogers Road switching station in Greensville County that is currently under construction.

The SCC also noted that in a report filed last October with the commission, the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) said that the company should, among other things, conduct an on-site delineation of wetlands and streams within the project area with verification by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; coordinate with the Department of Conservation and Recreation to determine the need to conduct inventories for the Cuthbert turtlehead, Barking treefrog, rare butterflies, and rare dragonflies in the project area; and adhere to a time-of-year restriction from March 15 through June 30 of any year for any impacts on Stony Creek and the Nottoway River and/or their tributaries, due to the presence of Roanoke logperch.

The SCC said that its staff concluded in a January report that the company had reasonably demonstrated the need for the proposed project. Furthermore, a hearing examiner, in a March report, found that the proposed project is, for instance, justified by the public convenience and necessity; would maximize the use of existing ROW; and is essential to support ongoing economic development and overall system reliability.

The SCC said that it finds that the proposed project is needed, and that the record reflects that completing the project is necessary to ensure compliance with PJM Interconnection reliability standards, as well as with NERC reliability standards, and that the project will resolve a long-term need to meet the requirements of the company’s transmission planning criteria related to aging infrastructure.

In addition, the SCC said that due to the fact that the rebuild project will be located within existing ROW, the SCC finds that adverse impacts on scenic assets and historic districts in Virginia will be minimized.

The commission further noted that it finds that there are no adverse environmental impacts that would prevent the construction or operation of the proposed project. The company must comply with all of the DEQ’s recommendations and should be required to obtain all necessary environmental permits and approvals needed to build and operate the project, the SCC said.

Among other things, the SCC said that the rebuild project must be built and in service by Dec. 31, 2018, but the company is granted leave to apply for an extension for good cause shown.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion (NYSE:D).

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