Nevada regulators grant ORNI 43 permit to construct Tungsten Project

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada on March 6 said that it grants ORNI 43 LLC a permit to construct – issued under the Utility Environmental Protection Act – authorizing the company to build the Tungsten Project, which consists of about 16.5 miles of 230-kV gen-tie transmission line and associated facilities, including a 24-MW geothermal energy facility, to be located in Churchill County, Nev.

The commission said that it finds that the company has met all of the requirements of the commission’s Feb. 8 order, and has met all of the requirements of certain Nevada Revised Statutes.

Commission staff, in a Jan. 18 memorandum, recommended that the commission issue a permit to build the project, conditioned upon ORNI 43 obtaining and filing with the commission a copy of the outstanding permits, licenses and approvals needed for the Gen-Tie Line and associated facilities, including a special use permit from Churchill County, and a “Class II AQ Surface Area Disturbance Permit” from the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.

As noted in the memorandum, ORNI 43 last October filed its application, requesting that the commission grant a UEPA permit authorizing the start of construction of a 16.5-mile, 230-kV overhead monopole Gen-Tie Line, as well as the Alpine switching station, which is comprised of: three 230-kV breakers and associated switches, footings, and frameworks; two 230-kV A-frame dead-end structures; two 230-kV line switches and associated support structures; and two 230-kV station service voltage transformers, associated fiber optic cable infrastructure, related control building, and fencing.

The memorandum further noted that the project is required for the interconnection of the proposed 24-MW gross geothermal energy generating facility.

The commission, in its Feb. 8 order, said that it finds that it is in the public interest to grant the application for the UEPA permit to construct the project, contingent upon ORNI 43 satisfying certain compliances that must be met prior to the permit being issued. For instance, the commission said, ORNI 43is to file certain outstanding permits, licenses, and approvals, such as a right of way grant and a facility construction permit from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

ORNI 43 on March 1 filed with the commission a BLM site license and BLM facility construction permits.

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