ITC Midwest plans for construction activities to begin in early spring on segment of Minnesota-Iowa project

ITC Midwest on March 15 provided an update to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission on the Minnesota-Iowa 345-kV Transmission Line Project, noting that while construction activities for “Segment 1” (Lakefield-Fox Lake) of the project have been completed, minor restoration work remains and required environmental monitoring will continue along that segment until restoration is complete.

As noted in the company’s filing, the commission in November 2014 granted ITC Midwest a route permit for the project and associated facilities in Jackson, Martin, and Faribault counties.

Work on “Segment 2” (Fox Lake-Rutland) continued in February, reaching 76% completion overall, with 97.7% of foundations now completed and 97.1% of steel poles erected, the company added. Conductor installation on that segment continued in February and is now 72.3% complete for 345-kV conductor, and 94.7% complete for 161-kV conductor.

The company also said that construction of the new Huntley substation continued in February and is now 91% complete. Work completed last month included installation of bus and jumpers, final adjustments on disconnect switches, assembly of bus support beams, as well as terminating power and control cables in breaker cabinets, the company said.

The company noted that it received approval on Feb. 1, of the “Segment 4” (Huntley-Iowa border) “Plan and Profile.” The company said that it has completed easement acquisition for that segment, and plans for construction activities to begin in early spring, pending receipt of all necessary permits.

In addition, the company said that it continues to proceed with design work and easement acquisition associated with Segment 3 (Rutland-Huntley) of the project.

Among other things, the company said that all of the easements for Segments 1, 2, and 4, as well as for the project’s associated facilities, have been signed and completed, while the easements for Segment 3 are 95% signed, and 95% completed. All of the easements acquired to date have been acquired voluntarily, the company added.

ITC is a Fortis (NYSE:FTS) company.

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