Cricket Valley Transmission Upgrade in New York slated for completion in 1Q19

Cricket Valley Energy Center LLC on March 2 told the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) that it will begin construction on or about March 15 in the PSC-approved Early Tree Clearing Environmental Management and Construction Plan (EM&CP) in relation to the Cricket Valley Transmission Upgrade, which includes a new approximately 14.6-mile, 345-kV transmission line.

The line will be parallel to the existing Consolidated Edison Company of New York (Con Edison) 345-kV Transmission Line 398 (Line 398) from the planned Cricket Valley switching station in the Town of Dover, N.Y., to Con Edison’s Pleasant Valley substation in the Town of Pleasant Valley.

The company added that the upgrade includes improvements to be made to the Pleasant Valley substation, as well as reconductoring of about 3.4-miles of Line 398 between the Cricket Valley switching station and the New York-Connecticut state line.

Upon completion of the tree clearing and site preparation work, as well as pending PSC approval, general construction will begin in 3Q17, the company said, adding that the Cricket Valley Transmission Upgrade is slated for completion in 1Q19.

As TransmissionHub reported, the PSC, in an order issued on April 20, 2016, granted Cricket Valley Energy Center LLC a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need to build and operate the new line. The PSC in 2013 granted a certificate of public convenience and necessity to Cricket Valley Energy Center LLC to build the Cricket Valley Energy Center, which is a combined cycle, natural gas-powered 1,000-MW electric generating facility in the Town of Dover, located in western Dutchess County.

As noted in a PSC order – which was issued on Feb. 21 and approved the limited EM&CP for tree clearing – the new 345-kV line will interconnect the energy center with the Con Edison transmission system.

The PSC noted that the company filed a proposed EM&CP for approval last October. The EM&CP was filed as two volumes – Volume I Plan for Clearing and Volume II Plan and Profile for full construction of the transmission line.

The PSC added that it will process the EM&CP in two separate parts. The first part relates to Volume I and is for tree vegetation clearing only that is subject to timing restrictions to reduce the potential for impacts to rare, threatened and endangered turtles, rattlesnakes and bats. Volume II, the PSC added, will involve a description of all other construction matters related to the facility, such as tower design and access roads.

As noted on the project’s website, Cricket Valley Energy is an affiliate of Advanced Power Services (NA).

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