El Paso Electric provides update to Texas regulators on various transmission projects

El Paso Electric Company, in its monthly transmission construction progress report for February, filed on Feb. 14 with the Public Utility Commission of Texas, said that the 69-kV City of El Paso Streetcar Infrastructure Project in El Paso was completed in January.

That project – (0.38 circuit length (miles)) – involved replacing 10 wood monopole structures with steel monopole structures to accommodate the city’s streetcar project. The company added that the project’s initial estimated cost was $307,000.

The 115-kV line (7.12 circuit length (miles)) that is part of the Montana Power Station to Montwood Substation project in El Paso went into service on Nov. 8, 2016, the company said. As part of that project, El Paso Electric said that it built the new “interconnection facilities” and network upgrades necessary to comply with the terms of a large generation interconnection agreement, or LGIA, which requires building a 115-kV line from the new Montana power station to the existing Montwood substation. The initial estimated cost of the transmission line was about $5.9m, and the final estimated cost of the line is about $5.1m. The company further noted that the initial estimated cost of the substation was about $1.9m, and the final estimated cost of the substation is about $1m.

El Paso Electric said that all underground work related to the Milagro to Leo 69-kV to 115-kV project in El Paso is completed. The company said that the project involves upgrading 3.8 miles of existing 69-kV line to 115 kV; structures will be replaced and the line reconductored. The initial estimated cost of the project – which is 85% complete – was about $3.4m, and the final estimated cost is about $2.8m, the company said.

El Paso Electric also said that construction of “drill pier foundations” began in the Texas Department of Transportation, or “TxDOT SL375 Border West Expressway – Paisano @ Racetrack Adjustments” project in El Paso, which involves adjusting two sets of H-frame transmission structures carrying two transmission circuits each across US 85 (Paisano) necessary to increase the height of conductors to accommodate a TxDOT project and to comply with TxDOT highway clearance requirements. The company said that it will replace existing structures on both sides of Paisano with taller steel monopole and drilled pier structures ranging from 79’ to 105’.

The initial estimated cost of the project – which is 10% complete and has an existing voltage of 69 kV and 115 kV – was about $1.9m.

Among other things, the company also said that the Copper-Lane 115-kV Rebuild and Reconductor and Neely to Alamo Structure Replacement projects have been moved to late 2017 as “other projects in Texas and New Mexico must be completed first.”

The Copper-Lane project in El Paso involves replacing about 64 65’ wooden monopole structures with 95’ steel monopole structures along a 3.5-mile stretch of Interstate 10 between the Lane and Copper substation. The project also involves upgrading conductor to “954 MCM ACSR,” the company said, adding that one new pole will be built off of the existing route due to encroaching residential development. The project, which has an estimated start date of Sept. 1, has an initial estimated cost of about $3.3m.

The Neely to Alamo project involves replacing existing wood monopole structures with steel monopole structures in the approximate 50 miles of 69-kV transmission line, the company added. The schedule calls to replace about 10 miles of structures per year for the next five years, the company said, noting that it will use the existing centerline. Span lengths may be adjusted according to terrain features.

The company also said that the initial estimated cost of the project – which is 66% complete – is about $6.5m.

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