Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation tells APSC 69-kV project is complete

Carroll Electric Cooperative Corporation (CECC) on Feb. 1 told the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) that the "Upgrade Centerton to Southwest Rogers 69kV Transmission Line" project was completed in September 2016.

The project’s “actual” total estimated final cost was about $4.93m, compared to the project’s “estimate” total final cost of about $4.94m, CECC said.

As noted in an order signed by an administrative law judge a few years ago, CECC in June 2013 filed an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CCN), requesting authority to upgrade an existing 69-kV transmission line from Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation’s (AECC) existing Centerton substation to a point near CECC’s existing SW Rogers substation.

The 69-kV line begins at AECC’s Centerton substation in Section 35, T20N, R31W in Benton County, and terminates in Section 21, T19N, R30W in Benton County, according to the prepared testimony that CECC filed in the proceeding, which also noted that the line route was estimated to be about 6.6 miles.

According to CECC, its loads and service reliability requirements continue to grow rapidly in the area around I-540 in Benton County and to adequately serve the growing need for electricity in that area, it must upgrade the line. The order also noted that while the line will be built and insulated for future operation at 161 kV, it will initially be operated at 69 kV. Since the line is an upgrade, routing is not an issue as easements are already in place for most of the upgrade, the order said. CECC said in its application that adjustments to existing easements will be required for minor realignment and/or increased guying requirements in certain areas.

The order noted that there are no engineering or technical concerns associated with the project, and there are no major disruptions of existing or proposed manmade property uses expected since the proposed construction is using an existing right of way (ROW) for an existing transmission line. CECC’s planned use of a single-pole weathering steel design with braced-post supports for the conductors will offer a narrow profile, even though the new poles will be taller and larger in diameter than the existing poles, the order said. That design should be no more objectionable than the existing facilities and will minimize the aesthetic displeasure of the installation, according to the order.

The ALJ also said that “CECC is hereby granted a CCN authorizing it to upgrade, operate, and maintain its existing transmission line,” as requested in its application.

The APSC, in an order dated October 2014, authorized its secretary to close the docket.

As TransmissionHub reported, CECC in March 2015 told the APSC that the project was delayed, with construction scheduled to begin 1Q15.

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