Entergy Louisiana: Louisiana Economic Transmission Project about 33.5% complete as of last November

Entergy’s (NYSE:ETR) Entergy Louisiana, in its Jan. 5 “confidential semi-annual monitoring report for 2016” filed with the Louisiana Public Service Commission, said that the total Louisiana Economic Transmission Project was about 33.5% complete through Nov. 30, 2016.

The project’s four components include: the Richardson to Iberville component; the Bagatelle to Sorrento Cut-in to Panama 230-kV substation component; the line bay bus upgrade at the Romeville substation component; and the second 500/230-kV autotransformer at the Coly substation component.

Construction is on target at 32% complete, and right of way (ROW) acquisition is 86% complete, the company said, adding that the work at the Romeville substation is complete and in service as of June 30, 2016.

The “Richardson to Iberville Component” consists of building the new Richardson substation, which will be located about one-half mile from the existing Dow meter point in Plaquemine, La., as well as building 11.3 miles of new 230-kV transmission line on new ROW from that substation to the existing Iberville substation, the company said.

ROW activities are in progress for the new transmission line that runs from the new Richardson substation to the existing Iberville substation, the company said, adding that the purchase of the land for the new Richardson substation was completed last August. Construction is expected to start in October on the Richardson substation and transmission line upon receipt of wetlands and river crossing permits, and finalization of ROW on the transmission line, the company said.

Completion of the new substation and transmission line will coincide with each other and scheduled outages for cut in work and energization, the company said, adding that it expects to complete construction of that component by December 2018.

The “Bagatelle to Sorrento Cut-in to Panama 230 kV Substation Component” consists of building a new 230-kV transmission line from the existing Bagatelle to Sorrento transmission line and tying it into the Panama substation, the company said. The work also includes adding two 230-kV breakers at the Panama substation.

The company also said that construction was scheduled to begin this month, but based upon current timing associated with that work, construction will begin in May, and be complete in May 2018. The schedule was revised and optimized to minimize the effect on operational reliability, which allows construction to begin in summer 2017, and coincide with outage schedules in fall 2017 and spring 2018, the company said.

Entergy Louisiana said that it expects to complete construction of that component in advance of the anticipated project in-service date of December 2018. ROW activities are in progress and are expected to be completed in February, the company said.

The “Line Bay Bus Upgrade at Romeville Substation” component involves upgrading the line bay bus at the Romeville substation in order to increase the flow rating on the Wilton to Romeville 230-kV transmission line, the company said. That component, which has been completed, was accelerated to take advantage of other planned maintenance outages in the Romeville substation, allowing Entergy Louisiana to complete the component ahead of schedule.

The company further stated that the “Addition of Second Autotransformer at Coly Substation” component involves adding a second set of three 1200 MVA 500/230-kV single-phase autotransformers at the Coly substation, as well as adding a 500-kV circuit breaker to the existing ring bus.

Construction began last March, and all 230-kV and transformer foundations have been completed, the company said, adding that the autotransformers have been delivered to the site and placed on the foundations. Steel is being erected and is on schedule, the company said. 

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