NRC finalizes tribal policy statement

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission today approved a final Tribal Policy Statement of principles to guide the agency’s government-to-government interactions with American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes.

The agency developed this document in response to direction from the Commission following an increase in the number and complexity of consultations between the NRC and federally-recognized Tribal governments.

The policy statement is intended to encourage and facilitate Tribal involvement in activities under NRC jurisdiction. It provides guidance to ensure consistency across the agency in government-to-government relations with federally recognized Tribes.

The policy statement also underscores the NRC’s commitments to conducting outreach to Tribes and engaging in timely consultation, and to coordinating with other Federal agencies. The final statement reflects public comments received on a 2014 draft that itself reflected input from stakeholders.

The NRC will soon publish the statement in the Federal Register. That notice will also summarize the comments received on the draft and the NRC’s responses. The statement will also appear on the NRC website.