NPPD makes retail cost of service adjustments for 2017 but no overall rate increase scheduled

For the fourth year in a row, retail customers of Nebraska Public Power District will see no increase in overall retail rates in 2017 following approval Thursday by NPPD’s Board of Directors. The Board approved a slight overall average increase of 0.6% increase to its wholesale customers.

While there will be no overall retail electric rate increase, rate changes were approved to more accurately reflect the cost to serve individual customer classes, including an increase in customer charges.

“Individual retail customers will be affected by the increase in their monthly customer charge. At the same time energy charges will be reduced in many customer classes to offset the impact of the customer charge increase. NPPD’s personnel have made strides to improve efficiencies and reduce certain distribution costs. This was a big contributor leading NPPD to another year of achieving stability in our retail rates,” said NPPD General Manager of Retail Tim Arlt.

Higher transmission costs are the main driver behind the less than one percent increase rates to wholesale customers, which are primarily public power districts and municipalities that purchase electricity from NPPD for their end-use customers.

NPPD President and CEO Pat Pope said employees are committed to finding and implementing long-term cost cutting measures, while not impacting service or reliability or jeopardizing safety for customers or themselves.