NEI congratulates Trump, urges continued support for nuclear power

Nov. 10, 2016—The nuclear energy industry has congratulated Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence on their election to president and vice president.

“With the election over, the country can focus on moving forward on public policy initiatives beneficial to all Americans,” said Maria Korsnick, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s chief operating officer and its incoming president and chief executive officer.

“During the campaign, Mr. Trump spoke out on the need to build more nuclear plants and expand the nation’s overall energy supply. As a successful real estate developer, he understands the pressing need for reliable sources of electricity as the foundation for economic growth that brings significant overall economic benefits,” Korsnick said.

The Trump campaign called nuclear a valuable source of energy that “should be part of an all-the-above program for providing power for America long into the future” and “an integral part of energy independence for America.”

The U.S. Department of Energy forecasts a 23 percent growth in electricity demand by 2040, the equivalent of more than 200 large power plants.

“Couple this with Mr. Trump’s all-in approach to energy and it’s apparent that the low-carbon, reliable electricity that nuclear energy facilities provide must continue to be a key part of the nation’s energy portfolio,” Korsnick added.

Throughout the presidential campaign, nuclear energy was one of the few areas of general agreement between the candidates.

Public polling shows that the importance of nuclear energy to this nation’s energy mix is one thing voters agree on. A survey conducted for NEI by Bisconti Research Inc. in October showed that 75 percent of Trump supporters and 60 percent of Clinton supporters favor the use of nuclear energy in the United States. In addition, 80 percent of Trump voters and 76 percent of Clinton voters believe nuclear energy will be important in meeting the nation’s electricity needs in the years ahead.

“We encourage President-elect Trump to continue advancing his support for nuclear energy to maintain our nation’s leadership in nuclear technology and its indispensable role in our critical energy infrastructure and environmental interests,” Korsnick said.