Joint motion seeks APSC approval of Entergy Arkansas’ 115-kV project

The Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) General Staff, Entergy’s (NYSE:ETR) Entergy Arkansas, Inc., (EAI), and the Midcontinent ISO (MISO) on Oct. 26 filed a joint motion with the APSC, requesting that the commission waive a hearing scheduled for Nov. 8 on EAI’s application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public need (CECPN) for EAI’s proposed 115-kV project.

They also requested that the APSC issue an order authorizing the construction and operation of the proposed facilities, pending authorization from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for the navigable river crossing, and for all other necessary and proper relief.

As noted in the joint motion, EAI in July filed its application for the reconstruction of two navigable water crossings, requesting to rebuild and upgrade the existing EAI Datto to EAI Jim Hill 115 kV Transmission Line to 161-kV operation, and upgrade the existing end-terminal substations, EAI Datto and EAI Jim Hill, as well as three intermediate substations (Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corporation Corning North, EAI Corning, and EAI Texas Eastern switching station #8) to 161-kV operation in Clay County, Ark.

EAI proposed to build the proposed electrical facilities within the existing EAI-owned right of way (ROW), which is located primarily in rural topography; avoids any heavily populated residential areas or planned subdivisions; parallels county roadways and farm lanes; and primarily follows property boundary lines and section and quarter-section lines to minimize impacts to adjacent lands.

As TransmissionHub reported, Clark Cotten, senior electrical engineer for APSC staff, on Oct. 6 said that the APSC should find that construction of EAI’s proposed electrical facilities using the existing route of the EAI Datto to EAI Jim Hill transmission line is reasonable.

The joint motion noted that EAI on Oct. 20 filed rebuttal testimony, responding to Cotten’s recommendation regarding EAI’s petition for a navigable water crossing of the St. Francis River.

As reported, noting that Entergy Arkansas has provided evidence of permissive authority from the USACE for the proposed crossing of the Black River, Cotten recommended that the petition for the navigable water crossing of that river be approved.

Cotten also said that Entergy Arkansas has not provided permissive authority from the USACE for the proposed crossing of the St. Francis River, and recommended that the petition for the navigable water crossing of that river be denied at this time. He recommended that further consideration be given to the company’s petition once it receives the approval needed from the USACE and files such proof in the docket, or in the alternative, the company’s petition be conditionally granted to become effective upon receipt of the Section 10 permit from the USACE and the subsequent filing of said permits with the APSC.

According to the joint motion, EAI’s rebuttal testimony confirmed that, although the USACE Little Rock District has issued a permissive authority for the Black River permit, the USACE Memphis District is reviewing the application for the St. Francis River Crossing.

Cotten on Oct. 26 filed surrebuttal testimony, confirming that EAI had provided satisfactory responses to his direct testimony recommendations for additional information.

The joint motion also noted that no other parties have requested to intervene in the docket (Docket No. 16-044-U), and no public comments have been filed as of the date of the joint motion’s filing. Furthermore, there remain no disputed issues or facts, and the parties believe that the record in the matter is complete, the joint motion stated.


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