Cooperative seeks amendment to proposed 161-kV line in Arkansas

Petit Jean Electric Cooperative Corporation (PJEC) on Nov. 4 filed an amendment to its application filed with the Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) regarding PJEC’s proposed 161-kV transmission line.

As noted in the filing, PJEC seeks to build the approximately 7.1-mile line from the existing Bee Branch substation, running south and west to the new Damascus substation. Subsequent to the application, PJEC said that it continued to meet with members affected by the line route.

The proposed amendment is needed to lessen the burden on the whole for area landowners with the intention to reduce the need for condemnation, PJEC said.

The proposed amended route reduces the number of affected landowners, reduces the number of affected residential landowners, and reduces the amount of new disturbed land by using an existing distribution line easement for part of the amended route, PJEC said.

The proposed amendment does not traverse or impact any additional landowners and has a minimal effect on the facilities’ cost, PJEC said, adding that the proposed amendment presents no significant change in health, safety, engineering or technical aspects of the project.

The total estimated cost of the proposed transmission line would remain at $6.6m as stated in the application, PJEC said. The change in the line route would add about 300 feet of line route, which would have minimal impact to the overall cost, according to PJEC.

Among other things, PJEC said that the need for timely construction of the proposed facilities is critical as construction is needed to begin Jan. 1, 2017.

As TransmissionHub reported, according to PJEC, the purpose of the line and substation is to serve a new 5,000-kV large power customer, relieve substation loading, provide for proper voltage, and improve reliability in the Bee Branch and Quitman substation areas.

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