APSC general staff recommends approval of Entergy Arkansas’ proposed 115-kV facilities

The Arkansas Public Service Commission (APSC) should grant Entergy Arkansas Inc., (EAI) a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CCN) to build, operate and maintain two new 115-kV transmission line segments and related transmission facilities to a new distribution substation – the Hurricane Lake substation – built by Benton Utilities for the City of Benton, Ark., all in Saline County, Ark., according to Clark Cotten, senior electrical engineer for the general staff of the APSC.

Cotten recommended that EAI be directed to file the required completion or delay of construction reports.

As noted in the filing, EAI in September filed an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity (CCN) to build, operate and maintain the proposed facilities.

EAI’s transmission facilities required to provide transmission service to the substation will consist of two short 150-foot slack-span transmission segments connecting to the substation, including an in-and-out transmission service installation from EAI’s existing Mabelvale EHV Substation to River Ridge Switching Station 115 kV Transmission Line.

The proposed facilities will be built on lands owned by the City of Benton, on a 0.02-acre easement acquired by EAI on property between the existing transmission line right of way (ROW) and the City of Benton Hurricane Lake substation, and on EAI’s existing transmission ROW.

According to the company, Cotten added, if a CCN is approved, contract construction crews would begin construction of the proposed facilities as soon as possible to accommodate a projected in-service date of May 30, 2017. The proposed facilities’ total estimated cost is $500,000, and EAI will finance the construction with funds available from various sources, including retained earnings, debt and capital securities.

On whether the proposed facilities have been integrated into the Midcontinent ISO’s (MISO) transmission planning process, Cotten said that the new wholesale delivery point was submitted to MISO for stakeholder review for inclusion in Appendix A of MISO’s Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP) 16, and is scheduled for MISO board approval in December.

The construction of the proposed facilities may cause minimal surface disturbance on the approximate four-acre site owned by the City of Benton and on ROW acquired by EAI, which will be returned to its present condition when construction is complete, Cotten said, adding that no adverse environmental conditions are expected as a result of the project.

Among other things, Cotten said, “I conclude that the location of the proposed facilities is reasonable as the company has adequately addressed [certain] factors identified by the commission that should be considered in the siting of transmission facilities.”

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